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Holistic lactation meal plans & personal chef services for an abundant breastmilk supply.
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Personal Lactation Chef

Postpartum is hard enough. My home-cooked specialty meals support you in relieving some of the day-to-day tasks while also providing you with optimal nutrients to help maximize your breastmilk quality and supply in addition to nourishing your little one. 

Lactogenic Meal Plans

Through extensive research in holistic lactation nutrition, I've designed postpartum-specific meal plans formulated to help you produce more milk while providing essential nutrients to aid in your baby's development. Whether you want a personal customized meal plan or a more general guide, my recipes will have you covered from breakfast to dessert for a healthier, happier baby. 

Lactation Content

Need an expert to create content for your brand? Having worked professionally as a Content Strategist for companies of all sizes, I have years of experience ideating, creating, executing, and managing content including blog posts, Instagram content, white papers, website copy, and more. 


Hey Mama, 

I'm Symmadar—wife, and mom of two. I created The Milk Mama's Guide to help you naturally create an abundance of breast milk through the magic of delicious, nutritious, holistic, lactogenic foods. As a mom, I know the struggles of breastfeeding and how it can feel when you just can't provide your baby with the milk they need. 

With my first son, Cairo, I struggled. I was only able to breastfeed for a few weeks before transitioning to exclusive pumping. Shortly after, my supply decreased and I began taking supplements. At first, they seemed to work but eventually my supply dramatically dropped. By month six, I was supplementing with formula, and by month nine, I had fully transitioned him onto formula.

Fueled by what felt like a failure my first time around, I took my second trip around the motherhood sun as an opportunity to educate myself. Through extensive research and schooling, I've gained a firm understanding of how the foods we eat can lead to long-term results for both us and our babies. 


My breastfeeding journey has improved immensely this time around and my goal now is to share my knowledge and empower you to create an abundance of nutritious breastmilk for happier, healthier babies everywhere.


“After only four days of having the lactation oatmeal, I started getting twice the amount of milk from one side alone! My baby now feeds and immediately goes back to sleep at night. As a new mom, that extra sleep is priceless! ”



Let's Talk About It

Whether you're having trouble on your breastfeeding journey, have a question, or just want to chat—I'm here to help.

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I created this space because I believe together, as a community, we can all help support one another with the most important job in the world—motherhood. From updates about new lactation findings to delicious, nutritious recipes, I promise to keep you informed and empowered.

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